Textiles & Objects




Every Saturday night, I participate in Croquis & Sketch class in Umwelt. The day before yesterday, our teacher brought a wooden cube. She suggested to us that we drew the cube in every 15 minutes, three times.


“To catch the form. Without shadow” she said.

It was so difficult that drew straight line only by hand for me. In 15 minutes, I concentrated in about it.

ところで、デッサンとクロッキーを教わっているわたしたちの先生、小池沙弥花さんは染色家であり、伝統的な臈纈(ろうけつ)染めの技法を用いながら新鮮で楽しい作品を生み出しています。最近、彼女の知人でオーストラリア在住の染色家の方によるサイトに紹介記事が掲載されましたので、よろしければどうぞこちらをご覧くださいませ。 ✒︎ SOMÉ 20:20

Our teacher Sayaka Koike is a dyer who learned about traditional Japanese batik ‘Roketsu-zome‘. She creates fantastic textiles in her atelier. Please check the site written by her dyeing friend in Australia. ☞ SOMÉ 20:20