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Fish costume by Sofie in Denmark



5th Anniversary cards, designed and hand-printed by Sofie Louise Dam

Sofie is my Danish friend who loves illustration and animation so much. And I love her drawing lines and colors.

I ordered her “Please draw Fish costume for Umwelt. Because my family name Uozumi derive from fish”.


Papers are handmade in Shimane prefecture, Japan. One of my customers told me about it. And then I requested to send some cards and envelopes to Kyoto.

After that Japanese handmade cards were sent to Denmark, hand-printed in Denmark and sent back to Japan.


オラファー・エリアソン作品の切手が貼ってあったのも、うれしかったです(全国順次公開されているドキュメンタリー映画『オラファー・エリアソン 視覚と知覚』、関西ではこれから上映される予定です)。

Sofie sent me with Danish stamps. I like every works by Olafur Eliasson!

Mange tak for Sofie!